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Preliminary Site Investigation and Detailed Environmental Site Investigation

Soil Sampling

DRC Environmental has extensive experience in undertaking preliminary site investigations or desktop assessments to aid in planning permit applications or for submission to responsible authorities.

We can provide:

  • tailored reports,
  • fit for purpose documents;
  • to the point interpretation; and
  • designed for the target audience.

Furthermore, DRC provides costs effective, technically focused detailed site investigations including:

  • stakeholder management and respectful project management;
  • soil assessment, classification and logging;
  • groundwater assessment;
  • hydrogeological testing;
  • risk assessment;
  • asbestos;
  • soil vapour testing;
  • sub-slab vapour sampling;
  • landfill gas assessment;
  • laboratory analysis;
  • sampling, analysis and interpretation. 

DRC encourages the use of leading edge technologies including, Waterloo Samplers, X-Ray Fluoresence (XRF) Screening, MIP for the purpose of cost effective, accurate and fast information collection.

Combined with experienced staff we have a capacity to quickly inform clients of the situation, the options and the way forward.  


Contact DRC Environmental on 0402 455 638 today for assistance with environment and contamination sample testing or use our online contact form.